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Who doesn’t use a pen?

With no end of new ideas for promotional merchandise there’s always a way to keep your name in front of a wider audience. From pens, pencils and mugs to IT gadgets, umbrellas and lanyards these handy items are sure to be kept in your customers’ handbag, pocket, on their desk or in their kitchen drawer long after the event.

Here are some of our most popular items. If you’re looking for something different and a bit quirky get in touch or have a look here and we will come up with some more suggestions

  1. Curvy Pens

    500 for only
    Curvy Pens
  2. Ballpoint Pen Set

    50 for only
    Ballpoint Pen Set
  3. Sirius pen

    25 for only
    Sirius pen
  4. Parker Gift Set

    10 for only
    Parker Gift Set
  5. Freezz Ice Scraper

    100 for only
    Freezz Ice Scraper
  6. Glass Markers

    50 for only
    Glass Markers
  7. Thermal Insulating Mug

    50 for only
    Thermal Insulating Mug
  8. Air Fresheners

    500 for only
    Air Fresheners
  9. Columbia Diary

    10 for only
    Columbia Diary
  10. Notebook gift set

    25 for only
    Notebook gift set
  11. Wine Box

    25 for only
    Wine Box
  12. Curvy Pen Fast and Full

    100 for only
    Curvy Pen Fast and Full
  13. Mouse Mats

    500 for only
    Mouse Mats
  14. Rubiks Cube

    100 for only
    Rubiks Cube
  15. Mugs

    72 for only
  16. Bunting 10m

    10 for only
    Bunting 10m
  17. Keyrings

    500 for only
  18. Americano Thermal Mugs

    252 for only
    Americano Thermal Mugs
  19. Winter Flask

    100 for only
    Winter Flask
  20. Rectangle Snowflake Decoration

    100 for only
    Rectangle Snowflake Decoration

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